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Originally Posted by Widderslainte
Listen to them on studio recording, and you should understand. First of all, from the gigantour show I went to, the sound was terrible in general. Second, Dillinger is a wicked dissonant and loud band, and a lot of the music is dissonant, fast and noisey creating quite the intensity. I understand if you don't appreciate this, it's an aquired taste, but there is value to it, and the guys in the band are very talented.
i dont know man, i tried really hard to listen to them, but they just sucked. singer isn't worth a shit, there was nothing great about the guitarrists, bass player was lame and the same goes for the drummer. being dissonant doesn't equal being good.

to say the truth, none of them seemed to really have any extraordinary talent as you say. but hey, if you enjoy them then by all means, dig in.

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