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ok this may sound a bit obsessed but in hearing WHAT TO SAY today I recognized something in the 1st 3 or 4 bars, the rythm or interval pattern and key it's in sounds a lot like the Coheed and Cambria song APOLLO: THE TELLING TRUTH..specifically Claudio Sanchez's vocal lines when he says the word "Wait"..he says it "wah-ayy-ay-ay-ay-ate...wah-ay-ay-ay-ay-ate"..then "But what I did I do deserve all of you"..then "Jesse"..the word 'Wait"..the way Claudio draws out and sings the word "wait" I could hear at the beginning of WHAT TO SAY easily.

I know I'm a geek..I hear this kind of shit all the the Pain of Salvation HOME keyboard solo and the keyboard solo in OASIS I believe it is off Blueprint

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