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It's a shame Constantine. We have really dropped off around here lately! I'm certainly at fault because this year it's been hard to find much time for anything. I've been taking forever getting tracks done, etc. Shit, I still need to get your book sent back to you! Things are coming around now a bit though, and I'm getting a bit more time now. Things at home have settled down, but now work has been keeping me in there 12 hours a day!

Anyway, I'm almost done with The Clairvoyant now, and if/when work eases up on me I intend to get myself moving again. I've really been slacking around here this year!

I had intended to start writing some material, but right now I can't even get the cover tracks done!

Well, things will get back on track I think, it's just that everyone seems so busy with other stuff. As much as we'd all love to practice music all day everyday, it's just not possible with families, homes, jobs, etc. Man, I envy rich rock stars who don't have to worry about much except music!
"in this day and performed by humans...hum!?"
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