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Originally Posted by Traitors Gate
Hey, I guess I can just post them in a new thread? And im sorry if I don't get your solo's perfect, but you are all very good guitarist's and it hard to copy them exacticaly. It means alot to me that you guys appreciate my work, I think every Winds fan should be able to enjoy playing your music. Anyway's one last question, I know you said that you use standered tunning but to me on some songs it seems like you are in "D" (one step down). It could just be me, but I was wondering if you always use standered or do u switch everonce and a wile? I will try to get the tabb's done asap, but with Exams comming up in school I might not be able to get them done as fast as i normaly could.
Thanks, Chad.
Hi Chad,

We appreciate that you're taking the time to tab our work, and you can definitely just post it in another thread.

As far as the tuning goes, so far every song has been in standard tuning, but if you're hearing something that sounds like a low D, it might actually be a D with a low dominant 5th (in other words an A underneath the D). Otherwise, if it just sounds like a regular D, it is probably a D power chord with the primary note on the 5th fret of the A string.

We have not used drop D tuning either so it's all EADGBE tuning.


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