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Screen Name/Real Name: Eternal Decadent / Alexis Rios

Age: 29

Sign: Capricorn

Marital Status: Single

Profession: Computer Engineer

Hobbies: Reading , Internet

Location: Arecibo , Puerto Rico

Fave Bands: Testament , Black Sabbath , Iron Maiden , Judas Priest , Amorphis , Carcass, among others...

Fave Albums: Number of the Beast , Painkiller, Elegy , Sabotage , Practice what you Preach , Heartwork , etc ...

Fave Football Team: New England Patriots

Fave Movies:

Fave Books: Don Quijote de la Mancha

Fave Drink: Tom Collins , Piņa Colada , Margarita , Tequila ,and any other drink with gin & vodka or rum with it.

Fave Animal(s): Dogs

Describe your personality: Well ...?

Words Of Wisdom: For those about to rock .... I salute you!
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