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Originally Posted by silverwulf
Has anyone here ever tried this method for overheads? Seems like a variation of the old Glyn Johns method. You place the first overhead mic ("left") directly over the center of the snare about 2 drum sticks end-to-end from the center of the snare...straight up, to the capsule of the mic.

Then, you take the drum sticks (end-to-end) from the center of the snare over to above your (drummer's) right shoulder and place your second (right) overhead mic here. Measure the distance from the center of the kick to each of these mics to make sure it's the same, as well make sure that it's also equally distant from the kick and snare. Listen with headphones and have the drummer lightly hit his kick drum to adjust the "right" mic's angle until the kick is in the middle of your image.

In theory, it's supposed to place the snare & the kick in the center when you pan these mics hard left and right and place the overheads in a position which is in-phase with the kick, snare and overheads. It also supposedly makes your snare and toms louder in relation to the cymbals letting you bring them up more in the mix.

Never tried it, but I'm curious to get thoughts on this method if anyone has?
I already heard about it. Seems really interesting. Maybe not for metal but still interesting.
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