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Originally Posted by Drynwhyl
Hey, enjoying drinking a couple of beers or drinks or whatever since and then doesn't mean you're a drunkard, does it? I find it quite strange talking about alchohol and then being clean Well, sure, if you're some kind of a delirium-freak.
Being dizzy on some evenings and having fun is ok, to me.
But it's annoying to have a hang over, to be sleepy after being up all night and then going to work On a day like today
i may be a drunkard to you guys, but i tell you...iīve never been hung over in my life. and if you see me drunk after a gig...donīt be afraid to join me.
you may think: "wow, daniel is sooo drunk!"
well, on tour i get loads of beer and liquer whether i want it or not...every day...for free!
@otto: blire marres eller harrys imorn?
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