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Yeah, lol, another mix day here. I type very fast too, so it's *that* long to me. And I like what Genious brought up, that he, early on, was trying to eq when compression would have done the trick. I too did this when I was first starting. But as time goes by and you learn by *experience* how to actually use compression, you see it's many uses. There are a lot of times that using band compression (such as the Waves C4 plug-in) instead of trying to actually cut out something works out much better. Like Andy's usage of it on guitars. Instead of literally cutting out the frequencies, he's compressing them, so they are still there, but they don't dominate as much anymore. If you cut that area instead of compressing it, then you might thin out the guitars too much and then you start fiddling with the other frequencies trying to bring back the life of it and you eventually end up with a mess. Compression, gating, limiting, and eq'ing really requires someone to bring an "A" game as far as knowing when to use what and how to use it. One can only develop the ear for the ques with experience.

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