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Question Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn

hi there

Neil, i have a question regarding cannibal corpse - the wretched spawn, the guitar sound to be more precise.
as far as i can tell from the "making of" dvd, pat used his usual mt2-triple recto setup, and jack his rack based around the digitech 2101 preamp
maybe you can be a bit more detailed about pat's setup? i know how he sets the mt2 up, at least roughly, so i'm more interested in the way the amp is set up - in case you remember and, more importantly, want to share

morover, IIRC jack played the songs he wrote, and pat played both his and alex' songs....the question is, do i recall correctly or not?

anways, great job! the production is really great, on par with bloodthirst which is kinda my reference for death metal productions

thanks in advance
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