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Originally Posted by FatalDreams
Someone fill me in, what's "sleepy town"?
"Sleepy Town" is a rather odd piece of work for us but I love it and most people that have heard the album love it.

I don't really know how to describe it but in a way it's Bruce Springsteen in his more melancholic mood (anyone heard "Paradise" off "The Rising"?? Wonderful song!!). The band always say it sounds like a "road song" and by that we mean it feels like you're driving a car at dawn or dusk along some deserted highway focused only on the road after hours and hours of driving... I guess that doesn't say much but that's the way it makes me feel. It has a drumloop through the entire song, mellow keyboard strings and very sterile vocals plus some amazingly beautiful guitarwork. It's definitely one of my favorites off the album.

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