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Originally Posted by KILL TULLY
Just in general its anoying how a lot of people will just disregard all modern gaming as a whole, only playing oldschool stuff.
yea i dunno, for me, and i think this goes for many people, i'm just not into newer games as much cuz the old games are simpler and i'm not a big gamer so i just like stuff i know how to play and can pick up for half an hour here and there

i wouldn't criticize new games though, some innovative shit is going on in the industry and i'm always amazed to see games also = WIN!

one of those horrible "oh no" video game moments, on nhl2004 a couple years ago i created a whole bunch of custom players and made so many deals and trades playing through an entire season and playoffs on expert level or whatever and after like game 4 of the stanley cup final i accidentally saved over it
Originally Posted by NAD View Post
Actually I like new Metallica because everytime I think of a band that broke up / died / got shafted too early, I used to think "oh man, just think of how awesome they could've been after like 4 more albums," but now I just think "die young, handsome corpse, not Metallica."
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