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I've had this review form Detritus E-zine forever & just found it when cleaning out my email

ENERTIA - FORCE (A) Animated Insanity Records, 2004
11 tracks, RT: 53:22
[ ]
[ ]
Big, BIG apologies to the band for this one! I thought I'd reviewed
FORCE last fall when it came out, but I never did. Also, I thought I included it
in my "Best Of 2004" list, but I never did. Dumb dumb dumb on my part. This
is the New York metal band's fourth release and despite one major change (more on that later) you really get the sense all the pieces are in place now. I'm not sayingits predecessors were bad -- on the contrary actually -- but FORCE is just tons better. It mixes together some of the coolest pure metal riffs I've heard in forever, precision playing, and powerful vocals. Singer Scott
Featherstone has somehow "heavied up" his voice since FLASHPOINT (1999), and it's for the greater good. (Although part of this transformation is that he now occasionally sounds a bit like the dude from Nickelback, which I can forgive because his power level is so much higher.) Guitarist Roman Singleton is now flying solo with the departure of fellow six-stringer Dave Stafford -- the major change I mentioned above -- and he's all over the place to make up for it. I hate to see twin-guitar teams break up but I think this is the rare case where the band is better off with the change. The dependable rhythm section of bassist JoePaciolla and drummer Jeff Daley is still in place, thankfully, and as tight as ever. (Paciolla has one of the coolest "thunky" sounds out there.) Pretty much every song here is worthy but the "cream of the crop"-level tunes are "Messed Up Son" (edit that one F-bomb and put this on the radio!!!), "Anything," "Not Alone" (riffing and drumming to die for!), "Time To Go," and "Bleed." The band keeps getting better, sharper, more talented, and it's high time for some label interest. Yes there's a deal with Mausoleum overseas, but still... We need more hype, lengthy touring, videos, etc. Trust me, Enertia is one of the premier American power metal bands out there. FORCE proves it. - Tim Wadzinski
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