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Why not check them out..
Pantheist @ myspace &

My Shameful @ myspace &

Death and grief on such a personal and intense scale that you want to turn it off, but can’t. It holds a macabre fascination… like watching someone die.

‘Of Dust’ can only be described as Funeral Death Doom, a style of progressive extreme Doom that has been quietly maturing amongst the elite Death and Funeral Doom bands since the release of Skepticism’s collection of journeys called ‘Farmakon’. This album resolves the Funeral and Death Doom battles of earlier albums to some degree, by seamlessly integrating the two genres into one. The lyrics are so Death Doom they hurt. The self-loathing, the disgust, the wanting it to end, the despair at your own existence. It is totally self-centred where nothing else is in focus except you… and you don’t count. And yet there is such emptiness and loss in the music. Perhaps our hero mourns his existence? From the lyrics, I doubt if he would ever mourn his own death. At times ‘Of Dust’ sounds and feels like Funeral Doom, other times it doesn’t. The important thing is it gives you the ‘someone-walking-over your grave’ shudders and fills you full of dread and doom. (Beerman @ forum)

Some notable mentions of death/doom bands that are worth checking out.. even thou they are not funeralismus style
Mar De Grises & Ablaze In Hatred

Keep an eye on upcoming releases on Total Rust Records and on Solitude Productions. They have had some interesting signings lately.
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