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Originally Posted by MadTinus
I have to give a big cheers to Snapper Music's service!

I pre-ordered the TGCD vinyl in April and when it came out in early June, I saw several people posting here that they got it and how great it looked etc. Except my copy didn't arrive for some reason... So after a few weeks I emailed Snapper and they immediately replied that they had sent me another copy! No questions asked.. I could as well be lying!

Then after a short while they emailed me that it came back because apparently the address was incomplete/incorrect. This was BS, cause the address was definitely 100% correct and complete! So, they re-sent it with special delivery and then it finally arrived, but due to the fact that it went back and forth twice between the UK and me, it was a bit damaged.

So, I let them know I got it and about the slight damages and yesterday they emailed me:

So, I asked if it was OK if I chose the My Dying Bride "Sinamorata" DVD (it was cheaper than their full-price CD's) and they immediately replied "no problem, its in the post"

Their stuff ain't cheap, but there's great service to back it up!
that's a great customer care service, indeed!
i've had a total opposite experience with a german mailorder instead, i had ordered two cds and two shirts, and to my surprise, all i got when the package arrived were the two shirts. i e-mailed them about the missing items and they replied they would send immediately the cds... i've waited for quite a long time with no results... so i e-mailed them again and they never even replied...
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