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Cryptopsy on Library Metallicus

You missed one album on the Cryptopsy page. Since you seem to include demos and such in the library, I figured i'd tell ya about this one.

It's called Ungentle Exhumation. There was the original release in 1993 and the re-release in 2002.

Here's a pic of the cover too for ya.

And here's a bunch of info about the album:

Lord Worm : sewer-pipe emissions
Steve Thibault : Lead and rythm guitar, vocals
Dave Galea : lead and rythm guitar, vocals
Kevin Weagle : bass
Flo Mounier : drums, vocals

All songs by Cryptopsy, 1993.
EngIneered by Rod “the god” Shearer.
Recorded at Parametres.

The re-issue of Cryptopsy's 1993 release Ungentle Exhumation.
Based on the original demo artwork and imaging created by Kevin Weagle ©1993.
Design, additional illustration and photography by François Quévillon.
Defen Society (2002).

This is all exactly from the website(
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