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Originally Posted by evlgt85
My whole quest for German lyrics is because I am trying to learn German (and re-learn all that I have forgotten over the years since school), and I love the sound of the language. I am hell-bent on making it over there for various reasons in the future and don't care to depend on everyone else's grasp of English. Anyway, enough of that...

BTW, I've poked around and found your first recommendations to be very good! You're being wonderfully helpful and I thank you for that.

im fortunate on one hand that im taking it in school... yet not fortunate because every summer i forget everything (literally) so when i go back to school, everyone else is having conversations and im struggling to remember "hallo mein name ist..."

and im at a level that's high enough where this is a big problem

cursed me for not having anyone to practice with.... and cursed them for actually being from germany

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