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Occam's Razor: Vielen Dank for your kindness. I share your ideas on the reasons why we can deal with one 'negative' aspect of aggressive music, but perhaps not others. I'm going back and forth between this thread and another on a different site about looking for music with German lyrics, in between taking notes on some of my lessons! And, yes, perhaps Brecht is a bit too far. Haha!

Söy: Well, so long as we don't get yelled at for having a completely round about off-topic thread or something, I'm enjoying it in here!

I've found out that if I go get a library card for the Phoenix library, apparently I can do the Rosetta Stone software through the library online! I'm really wanting to do that. It's a bit of a drive to even get to Phoenix from where I am, but I do believe it's worth it. I've heard lots of good things about the Rosetta Stone programs from folks who do lots of travelling.

I know my pronunciation isn't as horrible as most folks' because I've apparently surprised various Germans and Austrians with my non-butchery of their language. I'm quite sure it is FAR from perfect, but at least I'm not cringe-inducing.

Growing up, a friend's mother was German and was thrilled that I'd speak German with her, even though I knew almost nothing. Her daughter was very fluent but didn't want to bother with it. So, I had that going for me. In high school, we had two different German teachers, both native speakers, and I got high marks from them in pronunciation. There is hope for me yet!
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