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Fuck i worte a whole answer and it doesnt seem to have been posted here. fuck it, in general i agree with Belgar.

and i add :

Muslims impose their law, in denmark no mohammed pictures or else.... in germany, better not play mozart's orchestra or else the muslim community will be mad.
to that i say FUCK YOU. Open your fucking eyes you fucking leftest traitors. In France the situation is pratically lost but we are still here to manifest against these babylonian assholes... in 20 to 50 years our culture will be gone.. so here i call all scandinavian countries and eastern european countries to fight while its still time.
that's it.
for example i had an anti-fascist conversation with this finnish guy. what i explained to him is that in france we have 6 million muslims. there are 5 million people in Finland... how about we give to the finnish all our muslims and they'll breed the finish out in one generation. and the finish leftest finished by understanding my point.
white pride world wide. stop being fags and defend your people and race you fucking coward scum.
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