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ok, darcy. in France we have a real problem with muslims. i know very well that not all muslim are islamic assholes... the thing is that islam in general generates problems. Islam hasn't evolved like christianity has. islam in general is extreemist. i know that if the situation continues; my white grand children will have to hide or stick to walls if they're not islamic. (the president of the nationalist party here was put to trial for having said that... do you think that's normal??)
many leftist traitors tell us nationalists to "open our eyes". but thats ridiculous... we are nationalists because we thought beyond the hippie bullshit. i defend my culture and history and race. leftists are manipulated by white ethnomasochism "yeah white people don't exist..etc..". if i had the power i'd torture them for their treachery.

by the way, i'm not "racist". i just have the notion of culture and difference of ethnies. it depends on the definition of racism.
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