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I usually hate arguing such loaded issues, but I've never really understood the problem. Whether or not I identify with my racial, national, or cultural heritage doesn't matter. And I've never seen why it's such a big deal with some people. Yeah I'm proud of my background but that doesn't mean I have to defend it aginst a threat which is really nothing more than a cultural shift that is almost impossible to stop anyway. And it doesn't mean that I'd be any less proud once it happened.

On another note; politically speaking I hate to be identified as American. People always assume that the majority of the occupants are all sympathetic to the few people who are actually in power. I know the same basic stereotyping happens with any country of origin. It's not that I ashamed to be American. On the contrary I love it most of the time. But I believe that the terms "race", "culture", and even "nationalism" have nothing to do with politics or the government.

Racially speaking I could really care less. I'm white as a dove and sometimes I wish I didn't burn like a goddamn lobster any time I was outside in the sun for more than 20 min. Of course there are physical differences but to me they are all trivial. Any psychological difference is a result of difference in culture.
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