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General enquiries:

Webzine enquiries:

Unsigned enquiries:


AIM: MetalAges4Life
ICQ: 17321302
Yahoo: metalages_com
MSN: (messaging only, no emails to this address are read)

Mailing details:

If you would like your CD reviewed on Ultimate Metal please email for details. All CD reviews are guaranteed (but depending on workload they can occasionally take a while). Anything is welcome, whether a professional release, demo, or just an unpackaged CDr. We are also happy to listen to MP3 samples, although whether these are reviewed will be decided on an individual basis. If we think the MP3s do not show the music in the best light then they are unlikely to be reviewed, as it would be unfair to the musician to do so, and would make our review less accurate.

Any questions, just email us and we'll answer as soon as possible for you.

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