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One last word......

a last word on meeting and hanging with Katatonia....

cleveland, detroit, mokena
The shows got progressivly better....progressivly better turnout and sound....I couldnt be happier to say that I was not dissapointed in one of the shows though.......regardless of anything.....I thought Jonas did great.....Anders was his usual rokkin ass self.....Mattias's presence was immense....Fred was the stoic gentleman he always seemed to be...and Daniel "although he was fighting off the swedish birdflu he gave me" was markedly precise....
I had such a good time with those guys......seriously the best 3 days of my life....partly because me and Cris got to get away for a few and we dont get to see each other much and also because the guys from Katatonia were so fukkin cool and I didnt feel like a buggy fanboy this time.....I actually feel like I developed a "cooler than just your biggest fan" relationship with them.....I think it is fair to say Ive made some friendships with the guys.....which I was not expecting to happen......I wish I couldve been there for more shows but one of my biggest goals was achieved in meeting them.....I wanted them to feel taken care of and welcomed to this shithole called the united states....I know its different for them here in the ststes than it is in europe and elsewhere.....but I wanted them to know that when I am around they will be taken care of and it was an honor to have been able to show them how much I appreciate them musically, as men, and now I feel comfortable friends.

it seems exciting things are in the works for the future as individuals and for the band as a whole.....I hope the cam is out and the backstage footage is rollin......and that the rest of the tour is a huge success for them.......they deserve it!

Thanx guys.

I am the one turning pale:[


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