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I hear what you're saying, Simon. But I still stand by what I said. Songs like "Autumn Reflection", "Dead Lead Echo", "Through A Childs Eyes" and "Collapse of the Fallen Throe", which makes up half of the entire TPHD album, are all just as dark, sad, slower paced and doom-related as anything on TWTF. We've left behind the romantic drawn out female vocal mellow parts, yes. That's the biggest difference I can see. And I'm more than happy that we've moved on. But anyhow my point still stands, people hear a song like "Dark World Burden" or "Drown the Inland Mere" and make a generalization about our overall direction and I hate that. But I can't change people's minds nor would I dare to try. But I can state my own opinion on the matter too, that's all. If people prefer TWTF and "Torn" and "Dark Fields..." then so be it, I'm glad they enjoyed it and have it to continue to enjoy. But I'm definitely not sorry to have moved on and try adding some new elements to the mix, even if some people cannot accept them.
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