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02.-03.12.2006 – DAYS 6-7 – Weekend tuning

Our engineer Janne only works weekdays, but we have the studio as lock-out for all the time, meaning we are still working on our own during all weekends, evenings, nights and so on.

We have 3 different workstations, so that we can work simultaneously on different things.

STUDIO A: The main studio and control room is where all the audio recordings take place.
STUDIO B: A setup of our own computers we built up in the accomodation room. This is where most of all the orchestra programming is done which will be combined with the material we’ve recorded in studio A at a later point.
STUDIO C: A workstation for other smaller programming needs, like fast demo-tests etc.

During the last 1,5 years I have built up a system for sampler-based orchestral programming, which is quite complex and it took me a shitload of time to get it all running ”stable”. It’s still a bit buggy and annoying at times, but it allows us to work. This is the workstation located in the accomodation room, or studio B so to say. Working with it is a painfully slow process with an horrendous amount of work. But, the sounds are just amazing. You will love the massiveness!!

The agenda for the weekend was to get this workstation on it’s feet, all the projects imported and setting up a matrix or ”a soundstage” which we would be using for all the projects. The agenda also included introducing Antti to this system, so that he could work on the programming while I’m working as the producer for the guys recording in Studio A during daytime. I also had a new pack of samples waiting to be installed. The last thing on list was to get the ending done for a song so we could put down drums on it as the first thing on Monday.

We actually got pretty much all of this done. In addition, I finally got the notes done for Antti L. for the accordeon recordings that will take place on Wednesday. He will do some of the accordions and Lisko should turn up to record at least one track later on - if we can get a hold of him that is. Sunday night turned to Monday morning…

Pinball update: I found the time for a few rounds on Saturday night when everybody else went home and I stayed at the studio. I’m proud to say I am now holding the record with: 4.384.980 points. According to Janne the mens league starts at 10.000.000, but we still have many weeks ahead of us.

04.12.2006 – DAY 8 – More drums and guitars

…and it wasn’t until 8 in the morning when I had the ending done for the song. Took a quick shower and when Janne showed up at nine we recorded the drums for this song and one special bonus track. Now we only have one more song to do drums for, but that one is still pretty unfinished and getting the song in shape has been scheduled for the next weekend.

Spent the rest of the day on guitars and Jussi did an amazing job as always. Later in the evening I started to be pretty dead having had no sleep the previous night so I left Antti working on the projects and went to bed at 8 pm.

To be able to talk about specific songs here, we publish the working titles of the album:


- 1st Song
- Slaavimaa
- Origin
- Cheese Please
- Balkaniralli
- Rabbits
- Nils Holgersson
- Last Song

Being too addictive, the pinball was banned for the day.

First set of photos should be here tomorrow.
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