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Originally Posted by Tyra View Post
Awesome! That's my baby brother. Still goofy, irreverent and...nice. Just like when he was a kid. Thanks for the pictures, dude. - T
You're welcome And this might sound stupid, forgive me for asking but...

You're his sister? That's cool! I doubt he'll remember me (eventhough we hung out most of the night) cuz he must meet so many people, but tell him I say thank you, and maybe that I say hi! (Show him a picture of me or something if you must j/k)

Just send him my regards, and once again thank him for me for being such a great guy that night. He was so friendly and funny.... he definately made it a night I'll remember forever. He also puts on one hell of a live show

P.S. Canada rocks! I can't wait till AA returns
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Snow is pretty, but impractical. The high heels of nature.
Originally Posted by Stripflash View Post
And, that Heartless guy sure is an attention whore, if he can't get attention by being nice, he will start flaming, attention is the most important thing for him. When he grows up, gets a job, he will be pushing everyone around if he don't get his daily shot of attention, in medical terms it's called sociopathy... it's a personality disorder.
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