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Originally Posted by Tyra View Post
Awesome! That's my baby brother. Still goofy, irreverent and...nice. Just like when he was a kid. Thanks for the pictures, dude. - T
You're welcome And this might sound stupid, forgive me for asking but...

You're his sister? That's cool! I doubt he'll remember me (eventhough we hung out most of the night) cuz he must meet so many people, but tell him I say thank you, and maybe that I say hi! (Show him a picture of me or something if you must j/k)

Just send him my regards, and once again thank him for me for being such a great guy that night. He was so friendly and funny.... he definately made it a night I'll remember forever. He also puts on one hell of a live show

P.S. Canada rocks! I can't wait till AA returns
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Snow is pretty, but impractical. The high heels of nature.
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