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No, Morgavid, and I'm probably old enough to be your mom, too. LOL. I am the older sister, see. (Gotta harrass him a bit about that, that's what older sisters are for, right? Beating and harrassing their younger brothers, and unconditionally loving them, I mean.) Like I said, though, it won't be long before my eldest daughter is old enough to not be single, so if you can wait...
It's a good thing I like AA on the basis that they're an awesome band, and not only cuz he's my bro. I can't imagine being Shania Twain's or Celine Dion's sister. Then you'd have to come up with really good excuses for not going to their gigs every time they're in town. At least I can honestly say I wholeheartedly love this band!

@Heartless, I'll tell him, but you know, he checks this forum with some frequency, anyhow. And you're right, Canada rocks!
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