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Originally Posted by russel
Let's hope there's some respons..
Actually there was! A problem is the days this festival is taking place, a Sunday and a Monday which makes it hard for some of us to be able to make it due to work and studies. We'll try to work something out though. I'll keep you posted!

Originally Posted by russel
Have you tried at 'Slottskogen Goes Progressive' any more?
Been a while since last time..
They actually approached us a few weeks ago. Nothing is settled yet but at least they know we are interested in playing there. 2 gigs in Gothenburg in a few months would be pretty great if you ask me so let's all hope for the best!

Originally Posted by russel
I've been demanded to our office in Söderhamn feb 22..
First time in Söderhamn I believe!
Drop me a mail in the days before so we can meet. Vore kanske fint med en fika?

Originally Posted by russel
A whole day away from my daughter, Stina... born jan 6:th..
Congratulations! Not to the fact that you'll be away from her but to the fact that you have a newborn daughter! She's really beautiful!

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