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Originally Posted by Seraphim Belial View Post
I've also read Bates source - I don't know what the original word is, but the translations tend to say gray...(at least the ones I read - don't take my word for it though, I need to build up a rep on knowing these things on this board for my 2 cents to be accepted firsthand )
Heh, I'd rather people not take my word on anything. My personal opinion is that taking anyone's word on anything is about as close as you can get to sin in my world view. Thinking and learning for yourself is of paramount value to me, following other people's words, well, I think all of us can think of at least one good example of why it is to be avoided.

That whole Dumezil thing sounds rather interesting.... but I think my poor brain can't take on any more topics right now. I'd be interested in seeing what you more scholarly types can turn up tho.
Other theories claim that Swamp Yankees were the undesirable, troublemaking New Englanders who moved to the "swamps" of southeastern New England upon arriving in the New World in the 1600s.
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