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Originally Posted by skyrefuge View Post
I still haven't really gotten into 'Memorial'. Yeah, it's heavy and intense and all that, but that's never really what I looked for from Moonspell. Like Zod said, it's probably a 'clean slate' thing; it just happens that I liked the dirty version of the slate more. 'The Antidote' actually isn't too far off from 'Memorial', but it's a little more 'open', and just has better songwriting to my mind.

'Wolfheart' remains their masterpiece of black-folk-metal, and while I wasn't looking for a 'Wolfheart Pt. II' ('Memorial' was conceived as a return-to-the-roots sort of thing), I guess I was hoping for something equally innovative, and 'Memorial' isn't it. Ever since they reached the peak of experimentation with the excellent 'The Butterfly Effect', they've been descending back to the conventional. Well, at least they're still a kickass live band.

Thanks for the insights. I definitely intend to delve into their back catalog. Sounds like, given my fondness for 'Memorial', 'The Antidote' is probably the best place for me to start.

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