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From the CM Site:

This month, DARK TRANQUILLITY kicks off their touring cycle for Fiction with a massive Metal For The Masses U.S. co-headlining run with The Haunted and Into Eternity, revitalizing the genre they helped to create and further cementing their status as one of the scene’s most influential metal bands.

Look for Fiction in stores on April 24th

edit ... @ Kat, according to CM/EU the released date is April 17
but CM/USA does have April 24 as the release date for USA/Canada -

so she tells me ... it was like I was so smart that I was stupid
I think she meant that even though I would say something
that to me made perfect sense,
a lot of times, people had no idea what I was talking about
the line between the most brilliant genius on earth
and the biggest fucking moron is
who can tell them apart?

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