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Originally Posted by plintus View Post
I order in a local store around the corner (I claim it to be best in Philly, fuck Relapse Records one =): if it's issued in the States - he will have it. I didn't know anything about what editions will be out there, I just walked in and asked if he could get me all of them

Ordering online is a convenient thingy (+ bonuses in the package, that's right), but I'd rather give those guys some business: since Tower Records went out of business, I'd rather make sure these small cool stores with rare stuff don't disappear.

They carry Iron Maiden's Eddie's Archive, btw, which I'm intended to buy as soon as i come up with $130.
Same here. I'll go buy Fiction in a small independant metal cd store in Montreal. They have a great selection of cds (ask One Bizarre who spent XXX$ last time he came here haha). But Relapse Records Store is great too At least when I went there, I found a couple of cd's for almost nothing... !
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