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Zombie Destrüktion – Tales of Morbid Mummification

Zombie Destrüktion – Tales of Morbid Mummification
Self-Released – February 7th, 2007
By Jason Jordan

The unsigned band I was most impressed with last year was Montana’s Martriden – now signed to Siege of Amida Records – but 2007 could very well be the year of Sweden’s Zombie Destrüktion. Seriously, Tales of Morbid Mummification is a great, technically-inclined death metal record that is even more endearing for its comical lyrics, which center on pirates, ninjas, mummies, and of course, zombies.

First and foremost, the trio consisting of Thomas Clifford and the brothers Porsklev is an extremely talented unit as each member handles two, three, or four instrumental duties, respectively, and all of them well. Tales of Morbid Mummification is traditional, yet technical and melodic. Guitar leads are intricate, drum fills are dense, and the vocals are deep growls, except for the clean ones in the catchy chorus of ‘Mummified in Mexico.’ The instrumental sections of ‘Mutilation of the Unborn’ are nothing short of excellent, and quite possibly the highlight of this 10-track record. While Zombie Destrüktion’s lyrics aren’t gore-free, it’s refreshing to read nontraditional DM lyrics, even if they come across as silly, which shouldn’t be an issue with most listeners because the unintelligible vocals obfuscate them to the point where they can’t be deciphered without the inlay. Still, they can be funny.

‘Mummified in Mexico’: “I went down to Tijuana / Was gonna score me some weed / When I was stopped by a truck of ninjas / Said they were gonna make me bleed”

‘The Pirates of Cary B. Aaargh!’: “Watch the pirates coming ashore / Now flee in fear / If they find you they will steal your soul / And drink your beer (your beeeeeer!)”

And so on. Last but not least, everything about ToMM screams professional release – production, songwriting, musicianship, and artwork. Though I’m at a loss when it’s time to compare them to one or more of their peers, Zombie Destrüktion should definitely be looked into if you’re a fan of death metal. My only complaint is that, despite being considered a full-length, it’s a tad short at only 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the band certainly deserves label interest at this point.

Official Zombie Destrüktion Website
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