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Originally Posted by Vincenzo View Post
Jack, you don't mean this forum do you?

It is ripe with spam and shit, but maybe what you are looking for can be found there?
umm I dont think thats it either

but theres some good shit in there too thanks


No wait I found exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks Vince.. muhaha I have plenty of ammos now

Edit number 2: Alright guys now I need your help. Finding all those old threads gave me loads of new material. Im ready to make the official 1st episode. so here goes...

How long do you guys think it should be? the last one was 20 minutes it sorta drugged out. should it be shorter? how long you think?

Should I add like some music when I first start and at the end? or somthing?

any suggestions at all guys. Just tell me what you think I can do that would of made the Pilot Episode better. I want this to be good... I dont want this to end up being some bullshit podcasts. Also after episode 1.. I wanna make episode 2 a video one. You guys said you were down and since luis's birthday is this week we should do it some time after.. like the weekend after maybe?

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