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I will be getting my Shining Star CD next week. I will come back here when I get it, and I'll share my impressions on the album.

I had only heard some of the songs in the Shining Star profile, so, I am looking forward to hear the rest of them. I am sure I will enjoy it tremendously. An yes!! I agree, Lance's vocals are fenomenal!!. I have always enjoyed the sound of his voice and the feeling he puts into his singing.


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I recently got the Shining Star CD and felt I should leave my thoughts on it for all of you .

First off I must say I am very impressed. The songs have a very large amount of emotion behind them and are still very catchy. The guitar's are abit differnt than most bands in the progressive metal genera . However that's not exactly bad, they still had some of the technicle side of things. But had a wonderful groove and feel to them. That I was impressed .
The keyboards tottally brought things together. I'd love to work with the gentlemen that does them(sorry I cannot remember his name)

When it come's to vocals ,I feel it's some of Lance King's best vocal work to date. With so much power and passion behind it. I wish many of the vocalists out there would take note of this and remember it when they go to sing.
The only tiny issue I had is one or two song's some of the effects on it were abit strong for my taste. But I tottally love it. Iv not takke this disk out of my player since I got it around a week ago. I highly recommend you all get it if you haven't yet.
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