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Why hello there. Don't know the setlist in order but I know you'll be treated to :

From Allegience:
Allegience, Insanity, Falling To Pieces, Deliverance, Till The End of Time.

From BHAH:
Between Heaven And Hell
Destination Forever

From Burning Earth:
Steal Them Blind(Opener)
I Am The Anger
The Fire And The Fury
Brother's Keeper

From Forged By Fire:

Guitar/Keyboard Solo
Drum Solo.

Although the next show is London, and I'm not 100% sure, but don't they usually get Tara back to perform Breaking The Silence when they're in London? Perhaps not... I dunno.

Anyways, amazing gig. I met Apollo afterwards, shook his hand, had a chat, got my ticket signed and sung the vocal line to Deliverance with him, randomly : D.

Aw man he's a great guy. Didn't stay around for gus but I think he did come out later on.

*EDIT* Forgot to mention the bad aspects of the gig because I'm still hyped about seeing Firewind. But here goes... and this is more about the venue than the bands, so don't worry londoners!

Fucking first band were shite, but they're local, so don't worry about that. They didn't even have their bassist with them, and without the bass to drown out the high frequencies the singers voice went right through me everytime. Genre wise they were kind of... In Flames meets Amon Amarth with more guitar solos... but like 400% shiter.

Then Man Of The Hour came on, they were quite good and the sound was fine for them. Amazing show they put on actually, really good band, I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Then Grand Magus made an appearence. The music was great, but the vocalists mic was way too loud and I had my fingers in my ears during their entire set to stop them bleeding. Apart from that they were very good, musically, but the vocals really did ruin it.

After the bashing my ears got I was pretty dazed, confused, light headed and pissed off. So the fact that I waited about half an hour before Firewind came on just threw me into fits of rage haha. But it was well worth the wait, they really were amazing. Sound was better for them than for anyone else but the guitar solos and vocals just weren't clear enough for my liking. I preferred the sound at the Barrowlands, but then again they only played 6 songs and I had to sit through ShiteForce afterwards. So all in all it was an amazing gig, with one shit band, and really bad sound for the other 2 support acts. And Firewind blew me away.

Hopefully they'll be back soon, and to a bigger and better venue : D.

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