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In terms of what? Snorre Sturluson (aka Snorri Sturlasson, Sturlusson and Sturlason) is the author, the full title is "Heimskringla or The Lives of the Norse Kings". The book has a brief introduction of Snorre himself, and then it cover the history of the Norse kings from Ynglingasaga to Magnus Barefoot, Harald Fairhair and Hacon the Good inclusive.
I have ISBN, but mine is an older illustrated copy from Dover publishing (they sell their books at very good prices - I have their Sagas of Icelanders, too), so you might want to look for a newer version? Mine is this one:
If you go into and type in Heimskringla, you'll get lots of options. It's not a poetry type book, so you'd probably be better off with a newer one than, say, Hollander's translation from 1930, because the prose it's written in will most likely be easier to understand... Mine is not bad at all, though.
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