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Originally Posted by MetalBooger View Post
People are born to be leaders, its called charismatic authority, basic political concept. History has shown that hitler was born to be a leader. Everyone who was/is a leader was born to be a leader.

I know an anarchist, he wears alot of black and listens to the doors. No one likes him. By the way, anarchy doesnt work because there are natural hierarchies in every system known to man. Anarchy has a super positifve unrealistic view of human nature, that sadly does not exist in this temporal world, it requires everyone to be super fluffy and happy in order to exist.

IF you go back in history the reason why governments are formed, particularly seen in feudalism, was because small men wanted to seek the protection of more powerful men in the hopes to maintain order. From the Church, to the simple vassal landowner, to the mighty emperor, they are all here to make our society more stable and safer, at least in a temporal sense.

You fucking asshole, the reason why harry potter is there is because its such a good fucking book. How many books of Emma Goldman's would Barnes and NObles sell? The man is good and the man is here to stay. People work hard enough to put bread on the table, they dont need an anarchy making their life even more harder. You need a government, simple, the other option would be a shitty violent iraqi situations.
Last time i checked, Weber said nothing about "charasmatic leaders" being born leaders. Even if they are somehow born to be leaders, it doesn't mean we have to accept them as leaders. Foragers consistently resist attempts by individuals to gain authority over the group. This talk of being born to do something sounds like the old arguments of divine authority. "Oh, well you see, he was just appointed by god, so that explains and justifies it all."

Anarchy doesn't require everyone to be "perfect" all the time. It requires that a substantial enough portion of a society has the will to prevent power seekers from achieving their goals. Forager ethnographies are really helpful in understanding this. but you know everything already and have rejected what i say without serious examinatio, so don't even bother reading Colin Turnbull's The Forest People. You'd probably like the next harry potter book better.

yeah, sure, feudalism was a totally uncoercive party for serfs and women alike. Give me a break. Read some anarchist theory you tool.

you really are quite uninformed. your assumption that the opposite of government is the current situation in iraq proves my point to vihris gari that people are seriously brainwashed and don't even know of, let alone understand alternatives.
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