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Originally Posted by Carcassian View Post
Global warming has made my county a much more pleasant place to live. According to the local news, our climate is now like that of Southern France a couple of decades ago - except without the Frenchmen.

If Global warming made me French, then fuck, I'd be very scared. As it is, it just makes me want to drink more beer and wear sun block; neither of which is a huge problem to me. So more floods for low lying countries ? Boo fucking hoo. No more Polar bears ? Tell me the last good thing they fucking did for me, the selfish cunts.

We should all be worried by a lack of bees. Without bees, how are the birds going to fuck ? Or did I misunderstand my dads speech entirely ?
i hate you and wish you were dead old man b/c of ur lack of humor
Originally Posted by TechnicalBarbarity View Post
... fuck Obama. Worst president ever .... the guy has basically turned this country upside down, but that's what we get for putting a goddamned extreme liberal in the white house. He fucking disgusts me.
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