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Originally Posted by MadTinus View Post
Yep! Yeah, Unicorn also had a guitar, so there were 2 guitars and surely they were played as well, video testimonies exist and might be published when Swany has found the time to digitalize them

And surely newbies are welcome to the meetings. This was only the 2nd meeting though, let's see when the next one is.. Your place?
That's great. My place will be a little difficult though, I'm only 19 and still living with my parents haha. I'm planning to find a room in Leiden next year. It is not very central, and perhaps a bit small, but sure, you are all invited then!

Originally Posted by Cerulean View Post
We got some decent versions of Cold Ways, Evidence, Quiet World and Dissolving Bonds, although I fucked up a couple of times, I forgot to practice before coming to the meeting...
Nice picks, I would love to hear them. Did someone sing along with the guitars?
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