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The Moon and the Night Spirit - Regő Rejtem

The Moon and the Night Spirit – Regő Rejtem
Equilibrium Music – EQM018 – 2nd April 2007
By Anna Novitzky

Hungarian folk traditions are probably not a common area of expertise west of the Adriatic Sea. The land of the Magyars, Liszt and the ballpoint pen probably strikes the casual occidental listener as somewhat mysterious and exotic. This perception is not dissipated one whit by the ethereal folk music of The Moon and the Night Spirit.

The duo’s second album, Regő Retjem dispenses with the English lyrics of their debut, returning even further to their native roots, and adding to the mystical atmosphere. The rhythmic chanting and variety of unorthodox instruments – from woodwinds and zithers to the Jew’s harp – all combine to give an otherworldly air which wouldn’t be out of place at a Wiccan ceremony. The songs, apparently, explore the legends and practices of ancient Hungarian shamans and spirits; they are both enchanting and relaxing. Fittingly, the album comes packaged in elegant but mildly disturbing paintings by vocalist Agnes Toth, which bring to mind both ancient woodland myths and the new age art of tarot cards.

That said, it is also all quite samey. Track after track runs together in a way which is probably handy for achieving a trance state, but which comes across as musically unadventurous. Haunting though it may be, there is only so much communing with nature one can do before one’s attention begins to drift. On the whole, though, this is a charming album which would probably be the first choice of eldritch elves seeking a soundtrack to their skyclad rituals.

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