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To be frank, it was in my opinion, a pretty averege sounding song. The guitar lead parts were excellent however, and they are much much better than the previous guitar solos (not that the other ones were bad, they just weren't as professional sounding as they are in this track). Some parts of the song were reminiscent of black metal, which was kinda cool and it sounding a little like a band called hypocrisy. Though, the main problem with the song was that it lacks a catch to it (something that makes you head bang) and the vocals were there to become a lead instrument rather than an accompaniment to the other insturments (drums, guitar, bass). A good example of the vocal accompaniment would defiantly be in the song "A Breath Beneath." In that song, the riffs are catchy and the vocals work very well with the other instruments and it makes your head bang. To me, screaming vocals aren't a lead instruement. Clean vocals are a lead instrument and high and low screaming vocals are an accompaniment to the other instruments.

However, I do like the implementation of the low vocals and I love the more brutal and harsher sounds of the track, especially when the acoustic part ends and the distorted guitar part comes in to play. Maybe saying the song was averege was a little harsh, but it certainly isn't exceedingly different than anything I haven't heard of. I don't mean to be bashful, I am just trying to be very blunt and honest.
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