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First of all i'd like to say that being a strong person and having a sense of humor is indeed very important...but it is good to remember that being a tough guy for the sake of it won't make you a ''real man'', it will make a neanderthalean, annoying dumbass. For fuck's sake, we are in the goddamn Katatonia forum, is their lead singer called Phil Anselmo? or am i missing something? that is my point..a man exposing his feelings can actually be more manly than some alcoholic metalhead idiot trying to act tough all the time and embarassing himself...countless times.
Crybabies are not cool and i agree that some self-pity exaggerated comments are for the most part hilarious and, hmmm...not very mature, a lot of whiners act as if life is an unfair fairytale, but people have different reasons for everything and mocking someone who suffers from something like clinical depression is a little immature and ignorant for obvious reasons. A real man is obviously not a girly drama queen, but someone who has the balls to admit who they are in a ''down to earth'' way. I can act like an asshole in these forums but my goal is all the same: have some fun. This is the internet, people should not take things seriously at all, so i agree with Kitty on that...but fact is, if someone is spilling their guts in a public forum like this...the person deserves some respect. Just my two cents.
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