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Originally Posted by brownden View Post
Take a chill pill La Rocque, I'm not trying to be an ass. That's the last thing I'm going to say in this thread.
Don't worry too much about it, brownden: take a group of a couple of dozen people and one of them is bound to call you an idiot every time you post, whatever you post. It didn't use to be like this around here, to be honest, but it's getting as bad as the rest of the web of late, and although new rules will be up soon, I doubt this will stop the spiral of rudeness. However, it's not everybody on this forum, yet.

For the record, it's not so much the namecalling that bothers me, or the difference in opinions (I can certainly see why this thread could be considered funny in a sad kind of way, or sad in a funny kind of way, but on the other hand it's still just a guy hoping to find someone he met and using the only means he probably has), but the underlying tension: disagree with me on an online board? Feel my sanctimonious wrath like it's 1999! Can't you guys just make a joke and move on?
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