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Okay I lied, I have to post again in this thread haha.

I apologize if using "gay" as an adjective was offensive and I'll refrain in the future from using it as such. But to be fair, where I come from, since I was young, and still to this day, nearly everyone I have contact with uses "gay" in such a manor. I have no problem whatsoever with gays. My best friend is bisexual actually, and he even uses "fag" and "gay" derogitorally (if that's a word). It's just how things have been since I can remember (must be a north american thing). But I understand where hyena rahvin are coming from and I can respect yours and everyone else's opinions on the matter. If it was the other way around I'd expect you guys to do the same for me.
Now let's all put a close to this discussion and let our new friend find his lost love.
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