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Hmmm, this reminds me to check out what Lovecraft adaptations are available from the Atlanta Radio Theater Company.
For years, it was their tradition to adapt an HPL story for the stage as a live audio play perfomed at Dragon*Con, and they did an excellent job considering it was an all-volunteer effort.

EDIT: from :

At the Mountains of Madness / Hour of the Wolf
An old man consents to a radio interview in which a number of terrible truths come out...

The Dunwich Horror
Have you seen the mad fires blazing from the ancient stone circles atop Sentinel Mountain...?

The Rats in the Walls
Beware, England. The last Delapore has come home.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
How'd yew like to hear the howlin' night after night from the Esoteric Order o' Dagon hall an' know what unholy things is doin' part of the howlin?
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