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So I tryed create region and separate region.

I was then able to do fades.

But I still cant apply anything under the audiosuite.

Tryed effects but mainly want the gain feature so I can adjust levels.

It processes but doesnt nothing.

After doing these "extra" steps for a simple task I dont understand how it can be so complicated.

Unless something else is setup wrong.

Any other program and you would either be able to use the grab tool to select the entire track or the highlight tool to select a portion of the audio file and then go to Auidosuite, Other, Gain and your done.

My buddy at work says he has PT LE 7 and had 6.9 in the past and never had to mess with regions in order to edit anything. He just selected the track and clicked on whatever fade, effect, or other editing feature he wanted and it did it.

Which is exactly what any other recording program generally does.

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