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Some sort of porn interview:

Some bitch asks Alexi and Janne who they are and what band do they play in and what instrument, how they like touring in the states, what made them start... Do they really have to answer questions like this?

The bitch is asking things like do you like group sex, if you could pick aaany input hole which one would it be.......

Janne: "Mun on pakko sanoo sulle suomeks, toi akka ei tiedä mitää meidän bändist, se ei tiedä mitään taustoja ja kyselee tollast täyttä paskaa, vittu mä lähen täst huoneest ulos ihan just."

"I need to tell you in Finnish, that bitch doesn't know anything about our band, she knows no background at all, and is asking bullshit like that, I'm fucking gonna leave this room in a sec."

It's fucking retarded that some slut like that can be in the presence of these guys!

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