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Finnish Guitar Heroes album

11 of the most respected and talented Finnish heavy metal guitarists
gathered together into the studio to record a killer album for everyone who
loves virtuous playing and guitar solos from outer space.
With internationally acclaimed shredders like Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala
(Children of Bodom), Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius) and Emppu Vuorinen
(Nightwish) showing their skills, the album will certainly attract every
metal fan and guitar enthusiastic all around the globe.

All of the 11 players composed a new, instrumental song for this album and
for this album only. On top of that, there's one "battle song" where each
fastfinger has a solo spot to show off his skills. Even though the album is
based on heavy metal and hard rock, it is quite amazing to notice how many
different styles are represented, and how much the songs differ from each
other. Every single guitar player was free to express his creativity with no
limitations. You can really hear it on the tracks how much fun guitar
playing can be when freedom of creativity and virtuosity are taken to the
highest level.

Finland has a long history in heavy metal and it is often considered as one
of the leading metal countries in the world with bands like e.g. CoB,
Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and HIM. There has been a strong
unity among the metal bands since the mid 80īs and many of the guitar
players here asked the same question: "Why hasn't anyone thought of this

GUITAR HEROES will be released in Finland on Nov. 7th 2007 by SONY BMG MUSIC

Guitar players appearing on the album are:

Timo Tolkki, Stratovarius
Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom
Roope Latvala, Children of Bodom
Emppu Vuorinen, Nightwish
Esa Holopainen, Amorphis
Nino Laurenne, Thunderstone
Mr Crab, Bleak
Mikko Salovaara, Kiuas
Tuomo Louhio, Impaled Nazarene
Sakari Hietala, Tarot
Euge Valovirta, Godsplague

Other musicians appearing on this special album are also well known metal
aficionados e.g. Lauri Porra, bass (Stratovarius, Kotipelto), Kai Hahto,
drums (Wintersun, Rotten Sound), Janne Parviainen, drums (Ensiferum,
Sinergy) and Mirka Rantanen, drums (Thunderstone).


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