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Originally Posted by Joonas Lehtonen View Post
COB vocals have become too clean already. I really hope there's a vast improvement in the next album. (Could we please have the fucking title already?) What is Alexi's current singing categorized as? It just sounds retarded if you think about it negatively. It's supposed to be death but also they want people to understand it. That's fine, but if only they made some effort to it. I hope Peter will style it up, so it's not just Alexi screaming drunk.
Well Tägtgren maybe will try to improve his vocals?:P Gremlin singing for the win! Nah i think his voice is ok but his hatebreeder/FTR vocals were great!
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True Black Metallers don't even record their music, they just play it in deep ravines so the true fans can listen to the echoes.
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america, land of waffles and pron
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