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W.A.S.P - Dying For The World

W.A.S.P - Dying For The World
Metal Is/Sanctuary - 2002

By Mark Bridgeman

Blackie Lawless has never been one to make a point subtley, and it came as no surprise that he would use this, W.A.S.P.'s latest LP (and second for Sanctuary's Metal-Is label), as a soap box for some September 11-inspired venom. Not that the entire album is based on this, but it IS one angry collection of music. Read his 2-page introduction to the album (almost as intriguing and, dare-I-add, entertaining as the music inside) and you will catch his drift. He's pissed off.

The music shows this, as do the lyrics. But to put aside the content and, instead, concentrate on the actual performances from Lawless and Co., 'Dying For The World' is as close to A-Grade material as they've put out since 'Headless Children'. Lawless's voice is on top form, and the band he's assembled (no longer including Chris Holmes) is tight, together, and heavy.
Opener 'Shadow Man' is classic W.A.S.P., but it's the following track, 'My Wicked Heart', which has his emotions bared raw and the band going at it guns a-blazin'. 'Hell For Eternity', on the other hand, is cliched lyrics (example: 'yeah I'm a killer, Oh I'm a thriller, I'm Godzilla with a gun') and chugging metal riffage.

And so it goes, emotion pouring out on some tracks, and others geared up for an arse kicking. Of particular note is his ode to his Cherokee heritage with 'Trail Of Tears'. The benefit of a vocalist who honestly doesn't give a shit is that he's more than willing to wear his heart on his sleeve, and lay his emotions out in not only the words, but also his performance. Lawless does this without hesitation, and it's what makes this W.A.S.P. album special.

Many would claim the band's last days were in the 80s, but they'd be wrong. Although they were banded in with the whole 'hair band' era (although they were also precursors to the 'shock' metal movement's resurgence), they've stuck to their guns and shown they're a band that shouldn't be pigeon holed.

If you like W.A.S.P., then you'll love this album. If you LOVE W.A.S.P., and don't already have 'Dying For The World', go and buy it now. You'll shit yourself with joy.
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